GG Quadster: Impending doom on four wheels

click above for high-res gallery of the GG Quadster

We took a look at the original GG Quad a little while back and poked fun at its piddly 106-mph top speed, which is primarily due to its mild-mannered 85-horsepower air-cooled boxer engine that displaces 1150cc. Consider that small problem resolved. The new GG Quadster utilizes Bavaria's latest liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine, which displaces just a bit more at 1200cc but offers a heck of a lot more grunt: 167 horses to be exact. Yep, that's just about double the ponies, and it has the desired effect on the quad; 0 to 60 drops from about five seconds to just three and a half. With its super-fat rubber, six-speed sequential gearbox and reverse gear, this latest version of the quad-of-death should offer plenty of pants peeing performance. As much as we'd love to have one of these machines, getting it registered for street use in the States would likely be an exercise in frustration. Too bad, because the fuel mileage is probably pretty good, which is exactly the purpose for this machine, right?

[Source: Faster and Faster]

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