Ford of Italy adds LPG option to the Focus and C-Max

Ford of Italy has announced a new LPG-option for the Focus and the C-Max. The option comes from a kit sourced from BRC Equipment and can be installed by M.T.M. s.r.l. (owned by BRC). The kit allows the vehicles to use either unleaded gasoline or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). The kit is installed to the 2.0-liter 145 HP gasoline engine. The new gas reservoir is installed into the gap usually reserved for the spare tire, holds up to 48 liters of LPG (enough for up to 400 kilometers of driving). The system is electronically managed and uses software that switches from gasoline to LPG automatically depending on engine conditions. While there are plenty of conversion kits available in Italy, it is only recently that automakers have started to offer them in new vehicles and under standard warranties.

[Source: Ford Italia]

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