North America Ford Fiesta rumored to come in under $15k

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When it comes to the 2010 Fiesta, Ford has promised the buying public the moon and stars, with great fuel economy, expensive-looking sheet metal, quality interiors, and a rewarding driving experience. That formula is already a smash hit overseas, where customers are willing to pay a premium for a quality small car. Here in the States, however, we pay for our cars by the pound, and word on the street is that Ford will comply with a starting price under $15,000.

A lot of amenities that make a car exciting for the next generation of car buyers puts a dent in the MSRP, but Ford is working with suppliers to create great looking, high-quality materials that don't break the bank. The Blue Oval will also likely offer a full range of options that can push the price-point over $20,000 for those of us with a bigger budget and a strong desire to achieve 40 mpg on the highway.

Right now the B-segment isn't exactly bursting with great products, and only the sporty Honda Fit and more expensive Mini have stood out in the crowd. The Fiesta will surely add some soul to the competition, but even at a mere $15,000, it'll be priced at top of the segment. If Ford can deliver on everything it has been promising, however, we're sure there will be more than just 16-29 year-olds that will be more than happy to pay $15k and more.

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