Inside Line learns Lexus LF-A to be priced over $200k

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The last time we talked about the price of the Lexus LF-A, we had only the car's price in China and a whole lot of speculation to go on. The car's retail in China was set at $264,700, and based on that a Lexus fan site did it's best guestimation to arrive at a US price of approximately $130,000. Say it with us now: oh boy, was that wrong.

Lexus has said the first number of the car's price will be a "2," and Inside Line has word that the car might run $225,000. That is more than either a Gallardo or an F430 Spider, including European delivery and two weeks of vacation in Via Reggio. The LF-A convertible will cost even more.

Inside Line says "Lexus is gunning for the Italians." With that kind of price, we actually believe Lexus is sidestepping the Italians and has simply declared, "Your comparisons are futile, this is the best. If you want it, this is the price." It's almost as audacious as the Babe's called shot. And we respect audacity. But we respect performance even more, so we'll be watching closely to see what kind of chops the race version of the LF-A showcases at the 'Ring.

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