Ducati and Puma get together for exotic footwear

Is there such a thing as a green-Ducati? Probably not. Although, as with most motorcycles, riders on the iconic Italian V-Twin powered steeds will get pretty good fuel mileage, Ducatis are not really created with low fuel usage or low emissions in mind. Unless, of course, the subject turns to footwear, as the desmo-company has teamed up with Puma to create a new line of shoes, which apparently are meant to mimic some of the design features of Ducati's most popular models. For sure, the color scheme looks right, with various shades of red, white and black along with stripes that ape the look of the classic Monster range. The heel is festooned with fake carbon fiber, which would be wholly out of place on a real motorcycle. While nobody in their right minds would wear these shoes while pushing a Ducati to its limits, the design features a "reinforced section at the front of the foot" which is supposed to remind riders of the toe-sliders on their boots.
[Soure: Foot Locker via The Scooter Scoop]

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