Bentley CEO says to take it easy, not get emotional about CO2 debate

Photo by >WouteR<. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Bentley CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen wants us all to chill out. Speaking at the 2008 Automotive News Europe Congress, Paefgen said that "it does help when the debate becomes excessively emotional" (Note: that's ANE's direct quote, but I'm pretty sure they meant "doesn't help" based on the headline: " Bentley's Paefgen says CO2 debate is too emotional"). Even though the debate can and does get quite personal at times, Paefgen wants politicians to take a look at the broader picture. Coming from the head of an automaker whose cars emit roughly 400 grams of CO 2 per km, on average, the broader picture is the only thing that will help Bentley meet the EU's emissions targets of 120 g/km of CO 2. Paefgen did say his company's vehicles will meet that 120 goal, but only when calculated on a well-to-wheel basis (i.e., when emissions up the supply chain are taken into account).

[Source: Automotive News Europe (subs req'd)]

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