New York Times samples the 53mpg Honda Accord diesel

We've sampled several of the European spec diesel models from the Bosch demonstration fleet over the last year and have some more cool tests coming soon. One example that we haven't tried out is the 2007 Honda Accord. The Accord in question is the European model which is smaller than the American market car. This car is available in the U.S. badged as the Acura TSX. However, to date no TSX has been offered with a diesel engine. That will probably change early in 2009 when the TSX is expected to become home to a new 2.2L diesel that Acura displayed at the Detroit Auto Show last January.

The New York Times did get to spend some time with the Bosch Accord and came away quite pleased. They managed to achieve 34mpg driving the Accord around town and a phenomenal 53mpg driving on the highway. Even hard driving still yielded 40mpg. Hopefully we'll get a look at the new U.S.-market Acura diesel before the end of this year.

[Source: New York Times, thanks to Joseph for the tip!]

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