Google Earth spots Top Gear USA test track?

Not quite. While we've gotten word from credible sources that El Toro has, in fact, been chosen as the location for the supposed filming of the U.S. version of Top Gear, the test track above ain't it. To begin with, the SCCA and a handful of other track-day organizations have been using the runways at El Toro for years, not to mention that Motor Trend performed it's infamous 3.2-second 0-60 sprint in the Nissan GT-R at the decommissioned Marine Corps aviation base.

Aside from those facts, just look at the layout. Compared to the course that Lotus engineers setup for the Stig, this makeshift circuit looks positively pedestrian. A few chicanes and some long sweepers does not a test track make, so until we see the Hammerhead and Follow Through, we're chalking up these rubber marks to weekend hoonage.

[Source: Final Gear via Jalopnik]

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