Ferrari-branded Meridian F80 entertainment system priced at $2,995

No automaker knows how to hock its brand image like Ferrari, perhaps because no automaker has a brand quite worth selling like the Prancing Horse. That stallion has been plastered on the sides of laptops, cell phones, home gyms and even Segways. And wherever the Ferrari logo lands, you can also expect a commensurate rise in cost to follow. Take the Meridian F80, for instance. We told you about this Ferrari red home entertainment system over a year ago. It receives all kinds of radio waves, plays CDs and DVDs, and packs 80 watts of audible power into what we previously described as a "super-sized snow globe shape". Meridian and Ferrari have finally come together on an MSRP for the F80, which at $2,995 is probably the same price per pound as an actual F430.

[Source: Engadget]

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