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VIDEO: No [BLEEP]! That's a [BLEEP] Saturn?

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Way back in September 2006, Saturn ran a commercial in which a bunch of people saw the brand's cars out in the real world and exclaimed, "That's a Saturn?" Obviously meant to communicate that you would be surprised to see the new Saturns of the day and how far they had come, the commercial really just got annoying fast to the point where the word 'Saturn' started sounding weird because it was said so many times.

The commercial apparently wasn't much for the actors to make, either. Steve Hall at AdGabber found a different version of the commercial, which we'll call "That's a f@#$% Saturn!". It seems after they had gotten the footage that Saturn's ad agency requested, the actors, director and production crew had some fun and made a different, rated R version of the commercial that probably more closely resembles reality than the canned responses in the original commercial. Check it out for yourself after the jump along with the original commercial, and don't worry, the BLEEPS hide anything that would offend your boss, spouse or kids. Thanks for the tip, Mark!

[Source: AdGabber]

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Original Commercial

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