Expect to see more mall security on the Segway

Simon Property Group, a company that provides security solutions to corporations all over the U.S., has announced that it is rolling out Segway i2s to its entire fleet of shopping mall security guards. The latest purchase will make Simon's fleet of 225 Segways the largest in the world. Apparently, the mounted security guards have been a hit with pedestrians, which provides "social interaction" that would otherwise be impossible and allows the security guards to do a better job of keeping the peace. Say what you want about the Segway, but you must admit that they are noticeable, which is definitely a good thing when it comes to security. If you frequent malls in major cities like San Diego, Las Vegas, Houston, Miami or Boston, expect to become even more familiar with security guards mounted atop their trusty steeds. There's just one more question to ask: just how green will they really be?
Press Release:

Company now has over 225 units deployed at more than 125 shopping malls nationwide

INDIANAPOLIS, May 12 -- Simon Property Group, Inc. and Segway Inc. today announced that Simon Property Group has made a substantial purchase of additional Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) that will increase its current security fleet of Segway PTs to more than 225 machines. Simon now uses Segway PTs at more than 125 shopping malls in the United States, making it the largest deployment by any company in the shopping center industry. Among the cities in which Simon Property Group now uses Segway PTs for mall security are San Diego, Las Vegas, Houston, Miami and Boston. The majority of Simon's fleet consists of the same latest-generation Segway model (i2) recently adopted by the New York City Police Department and numerous international airports.

Simon Property Group first began its investment in Segway PTs for mall security patrols in 2004 with a trial program at mall locations in Texas. Based upon that successful pilot program, Simon pioneered the use of Segway PTs in retail security by broadening its deployment of Segway PTs and implementing specialized training programs that instructed security personnel on how to use the units in a mall environment. By 2006, Simon had initiated a national Segway rollout to its properties.

"From day one of our Segway PT program, our goal has been to give our security personnel the tools they need to ensure that our mall guests and retail partners have a safe and enjoyable experience," says John Petruzzi, Vice President of Corporate Security and Emergency Management at Simon Property Group. "They have increased the visibility and range of our security personnel, and enabled them to swiftly respond to emergency situations wherever they might occur. The entire initiative has been very well received by our security personnel, our retail partners and millions of our mall guests. An added benefit is the social interaction between security personnel on Segway PTs and members of the public who are naturally drawn to them out of curiosity."

Worldwide, hundreds of police and security agencies have adopted the Segway PT for their patrolling, emergency response and community policing needs. According to Jim Norrod, CEO of Segway Inc., much of the momentum that Segway now experiences in the security sector is the result of innovators like Simon Property Group. "Very early on Simon recognized the potential of Segway PTs to make security personnel more effective, and they took great care in seamlessly integrating them into their operations," says Norrod. "As with every facet of their business, Simon delivers a premium level of service to its customers and retail tenants, and we are extremely proud that they continue to choose Segway products to ensure that their security remains world class."

[Source: Simon Property Group]

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