Derbi DH 2.0: looking to mountainbikes for inspiration

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Small-bore motorcycle maker Derbi, a company who's name is literally "DERived from BIcycle," has launched a new concept bike known as the DH 2.0. Derbi refers to its concept as "a machine taken to the minimum to achieve the maximum," a phrase which we can really get behind. Using an air-cooled single cylinder 4-stroke engine displacing 100cc's and an automatic transmission, Derbi believes that the machine would have very low emissions and very high fuel mileage. That engine can be removed from the frame, leaving a downhill mountainbike chassis for when the motor is not needed. Most of the components appear to have been taken from the mountainbike shelf, meaning that the DH 2.0 weights just eighty-eight pounds. The frame is made from aluminum and holds the gasoline. This is an interesting concept, and one which we think could really go somewhere.

[Source: Derbi via The Kneeslider]

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