take on the Aptera

If you're a wiz with image altering software and crazy about cars then chances are you know all about the world of photochopping. Maybe you even have a folder stored on your computer filled with your attempts to improve on the exterior designs of top auto designers. If you think you got skillz and can improve on the design of the Aptera Typ-1 (pictured above) then you should click your bad self on over to and pit your revisionary talent against some of the best car photochoppers teh internets has to offer. That's right, the Aptera has been selected as the subject matter for the Carchops Official Chop Off for May 2008. One entry per customer and you have to post on their forum before the 25th to let them know you're going to unleash.

If you're teh suxors with software and need pointers from your nephew on how to chop Jay Leno's head into a Tesla don't be sad. You can join me in checking out the entries when they appear in the forum on May 31, between 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM. If you want to give some suggestions (please don't add mirrors, for example), join the forum for free and let them know how you would do it if you weren't so lame busy. Top prize is respect.

[Source: Carchops]

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