GM offers up to $200 million to end American Axle strike

General Motors has been hit so hard by the ongoing American Axle strikes that it's stopped production of the GMC Yukon, Denali, Sierra heavy-duty regular and extended cab, its commercial-duty pickup and variants of Chevrolet trucks and Tahoes. All the while, the General is still negotiating with the UAW over local contracts at some of its most important plants. To ease some of its supply problems, General Motors has reportedly offered as much as $200 million to American Axle for the funding of employee buyouts, early retirements and for the support of wage buy downs. The offer, however, is conditional on a quick resolution between American Axle and the UAW.
Spokesman Dan Flores says that GM hopes "the offer will help bridge the gap between American Axle and the UAW and that they will be able to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement in the near future." Both the UAW and American Axle sound supportive of the investment; Bill Alford Jr., vice president and incoming president at UAW Local 235 says, "We're happy that General Motors is finally coming to the table and realizing that they have a stake in American Axle's future." For GM's sake and that of the striking workers, we hope the feuding companies find an amicable solution soon, though it seems unfortunate that GM, which is not exactly posting record profits itself, should need to cough up funding to make it happen.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]

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