Dodge Challenger SRT8 sports G-meter, built-in 0-60 timer

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We wade through an unhealthy amount of press releases each day, so even when something big hits – like the release of the Challenger SRT8 – we sometimes miss the occasional detail. Such is the case with Dodge's new pony car, which apparently comes equipped with an "SRT-exclusive Reconfigurable Display" (RCD). What does that mean? Well, you can customize the readout at the bottom of the SRT8's 180 mph speedo to display 0-60 acceleration times, 60-0 braking times, 1/4-mile times and g-forces to see if your numbers and Dodge's agree. According to the video after the jump, you can also log your best runs and see how you faired at a later (read: safer) time.

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