Chelsea Sexton gets a biodiesel-powered makeover

OMG, Chelsea Sexton is so slumming with the biofuel folks! The staunch plug-in car supporter was in Santa Monica last week and participated in a eco-makeover courtesy of Elle Magazine and the publication's biodiesel-powered salon/bus. Ecorazzi's Anna Griffin was at the scene (that's her with the mic) and got the scoop on why one of the most prominent faces of today's EV movement - Sexton was a big part of Who Killed the Electric Car? and today works with Plug In America on electric vehicle issues (protesting Toyota, for example) - would deign enter the Elle Eco Spa Bus. The bus has got some eco-cred, that's why, and even though the bus doesn't feature a plug, it is raising money to plant trees around the U.S.

Elle is just one fashion icon that's interested in green transportation. Last year, for example, supermodel Laura Bailey helped launch ibuyeco, a green-themed insurance program. And Tyra Banks took her supermodel reality show on the biodiesel route last year, as well.

[Source: Ecorazzi]

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