Uma Thurman, Tyra Banks take steps to green their transportation

Because celebrities are always in the spotlight, they are even photographed while just running errands. Now, generally speaking, a celebrity running errands in no way qualifies them for inclusion on this here website. But, in the case of this fetching actress, we've made an exception. Uma Thurman can be seen in the photo to the right riding a human-powered scooter on the sidewalks of New York. Way to go, Uma!

While on the subject of celebrities, apparently Tyra Banks is trying to make a green impression on her wanna-be-model followers. I've never actually seen the show, reports are showing up on the web that the cast of models were driven around in a mini-bus which was using 100 percent biodiesel because "Tyra wants to call attention to "the environment" and that "Top Model is going green". Unfortunately, some of the more pampered among the not-real-models found the conveyance less than flattering; they were heard wondering aloud why they didn't get a limo. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

[Source: Valley Pop via TMZ]

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