eBay Find of the Day: Dwight's Nissan Xterra for sale, seller wants a hybrid

"I am selling this truck in the hopes of buying a new hybrid for my growing family." That is the reason eBay user jeremg gives for selling his Nissan Xterra. His timing could not be better.

You see, this particular Xterra was featured on The Office earlier this week (jeremg works for the show) when the plot revolved around Dwight selling the Xterra on eBay. Since jeremg owns the SUV and was able to score a signed script and a few other show goodies, off he went to eBay Motors. All the goodies - and the SUV - can be yours if you're willing to overpay for what the vehicle is worth.

Our friends at Autoblog checked, and Kelley Blue Book values an Xterra in excellent condition at $9,715. Current bid for Dwight's Xterra is $15,300. So he's up five grand and change thanks to his star car. Still, jeremg has a ways to go before he can just use money from the sale of this Xterra to buy a Prius or a hybrid SUV (the latter would be my guess, considering jeremg made a point of "my growing family" and all the stuff he carries). Now, if only we could get Dwight's gun rack Prius.

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[Source: eBay Motors via Autoblog]

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