Nissan to get more electric by 2010

The media has given a lot of attention to Toyota and GM in the race for automotive electrification. After all, many of the other current players in the game license their technology from the likes of these two. Nissan has remained relatively quiet in the competition though, sitting behind its Hypermini small electric vehicle and Hybrid Altima, the latter of which happens to be the result of one of those previously mentioned licensing deals. The recent 2008 New York Auto Show saw Nissan taking things a step further, however, with the unveiling of an electric Cube concept that's expected to hit production by 2010. According to Carlos Ghosn, it's just the beginning of a worldwide full electric lineup for Nissan and its alliance partner Renault.

The run up of oil prices and, of course, the current marketing trend that makes being environmentally aware the hip thing for squares, makes the future market for electrified vehicles a more viable prospect. Technological advances, especially in batteries, have also made an electric venture more economical. Mr. Ghosn expects a global mass market for electric vehicles by 2012 and fully anticipates that Nissan will be a part of that band wagon. The Chief Executive also hopes to push demand through the creation of government tax incentives for zero-emission vehicles, making their lifetime cost to consumers below that of any gasoline chugger. Good luck, Ghosn!

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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