Aerial photos of test tracks on display at Minneapolis & NYC museums

Volvo test track in Wittman, AZ

Autotechnogeoglyphics. If you didn't have to read that term at least a couple of times, slowly, to decipher it, you're probably some sort of freak. But that's the name of a display of aerial photographs taken of automotive test facilities across the United States. The show will be on at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, until August 17 before it moves to the Carnegie Museum of Art from October 4 through January 18.

Among those proving grounds being displayed in the show are GM's facility in Milford, Michigan, and Caterpillar's equipment test mountain. The images were taken by the Center for Land Use Interpretation, which previously displayed photos of parking lots under the heading "Pavement Paradise: American Parking Space".

[Source: NYT Wheels]

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