Half-naked women or free gas, which gets your attention more?

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So, how can PETA use high gas prices and a concern over global warming to advance a meat-free diet for all? How about through the Lettuce Ladies? As you can probably tell from the picture above and the gallery photos below, Lettuce Ladies are, well, ladies who wear not much other than lettuce to attract attention to a messsage. In this case, the message is that eating a pound of meat creates the same wear and tear on the environment as driving a Hummer 40 miles.

This week, the idea was to have two Lettuce Ladies stand at a Lynchburg, Virginia BP gas station during lunch and tell drivers that by switching to a vegetarian diet, drivers could do more for the environment than they could if they switched from a standard car to a Prius. (It's dependent on a person's annual driving details to see if that statement is true or false, but there's no question that limiting our intake of modern megafarm meat is a move in favor of the environment). The two Ladies handed out Tofurky sandwiches and gift cards for free gas.

We don't have any pictures from the Lynchburg event, but we do have a gallery of images from other Lettuce Ladies protests from around the country. Check 'em out by clicking the images below.

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[Source: PETA via Green Daily]

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