Green Street Fair coming to Plymouth MI May 3-4

For those of you in the southeast Michigan area, you might want to swing by the Green Street Fair in Plymouth MI this weekend. The street fair will feature exhibits and workshops on all things green, from gardening, recycling and transportation. Ford, Toyota and Bosch will all be on hand displaying their wares and discussing what they are working on and how to get better mileage with the cars you have now. The Electric Automobile Association, Metropolitan Alternative Energy and Vespa of Ann Arbor will be pushing alternative forms of propulsion as well.
There will also be plenty of exhibitors and workshops focusing on ways to be greener when you aren't on the move. There will be speakers talking about subjects including human impact on the environment, air pollution in the home and organic lawn care (hint, stop watering, don't spray anything on it and only cut it when it's long enough) and more. Bring your unwanted clothes along for the Swap-O-Rama or take a Yoga class. The fair is located in downtown Plymouth from 10-7 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday.

[Source: Green Street Fair]

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