Fuzzy logic has Cadillac CTS-V producing 567 horsepower

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When the Cadillac CTS-V and Corvette ZR1 were introduced in Detroit, they both had nice, round horsepower figures that look good in a press release. Last week, GM restated the output of the ZR1, raising it from 620 ponies to 638, which is an increase of about 3%. Cadillac admits that they didn't want to overstate the final horsepower figure for the CTS-V either, so we're likely to see a similar press release from GM's luxury division in the near future. Given the fact that the 550 hp figure for the top CTS was likely a lowball figure, Inside Line used the same 3% understatement from the ZR1 to peg the CTS-V's real horsepower number at 567.

While Inside Line's 567-hp hypothesis was based on the fact that the CTS-V has the same basic engine as the ZR1, 567 is nothing more than a well-placed dart on the horsepower pinwheel. When we talked with GM's Ron Meegan, he pointed out that there were several differences between the two powerplants, including the length of the rotors in the Eaton Supercharger. While adding 3% to 550 sounds logical, there is likely more to it than that. But as is the case when making a guess, they may actually be right, too. Whether the final output is 550 or 567 hp or somewhere in between really doesn't matter, as anything in the 550 range represents an absolutely ludicrous tally that will surely catapult the CTS-V to the stratosphere of sports sedans. We can't wait to take one for a spin.

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