Green-ish art project of the month: BMW H2R project

"H2R" is the title of a project developed by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. What's it all about? This is BMW's 16th art car in which the outer shell is replaced by ice. The H2R is a racing car powered by hydrogen, and it was developed to achieve speed records in terms of "sustainable mobility" (their words). Olafur Eliasson has removed the outer covering of the H2R prototype and replaced it with a complex skin of two reflecting layers of superimposed metal spanning the body of the car. This shape is covered with fragile layers of ice which are obtained by spraying 2,000 liters of water over the frame, inside a freezer, where the car is shown. OK, so this is not very green after all.

As usual with art car projects, the artist has something to says about the H2R project: "By bringing together art, design, social and environmental issues, I hope to contribute to a different way of thinking-feeling-experiencing cars and seeing them in relation to the time and space in which we live." If you're interested, the car will be shown from May 29th at the State Museum of Applied Arts and Design in Munich, Germany.

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[Source: BMW]

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