Virtual Wall could protect pedestrians with plasma lasers

Click above for more renderings of the Virtual Wall

We expected that the first practical application for plasma laser technology would be a death ray gun, but Hanyoung Lee had another thought. He designed what's called the Virtual Wall using plasma lasers to make it safer for legal jay walkers to cross the street. The system displays a giant virtual wall right where the crosswalk begins and displays images of people walking to get the point across to pointy-headed drivers. We're all for getting drivers to stop before the white line at a red light so their front bumpers don't bogart the walking path, but we imagine municipalities might have a hard time stomaching the cost of four plasma laser walls at every intersection.

We'd like to see a working Virtual Wall do its thing, as all we've got are these renderings below that show what the wall would look like if it were real. We've seen renderings of death ray guns too, however, and still don't have one in our hands.

[Source: Concept Trends via Winding Road]

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