Audi Snook concept makes the Segway look so last century

The Audi Snook concept performs quite the balancing-act. There's just one contact point hitting terra firma. While the Segway only has to balance in one direction, the Snook would go all the way ... kinda like a unicycle rider. We can see no real point to this concept, other than to look cool, but it still managed to pick up the win at the Michelin Design Challenge at the Detroit Auto Show. In all reality, assuming this thing were electric, it would eat up lots of juice just staying upright. If the entire goal were to ease congestion, perhaps an idea like this would have more merit. For now, though, we'd wager that this one's just gonna stay a concept. Click here to see all of the 2008 Michelin Design Challenge entries.

[Source: Michelin Design Challenge via]

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