Makin' ethanol from cheese factory whey

Up to now, we knew of two projects that obtained ethanol from milk, one in Germany and one in New Zealand. Now we have a new one that produces ethanol from whey, which is a byproduct of the production of a cheese factory called Quexeria Bama in Galicia, Spain. Due to its high lactose content, this whey can be fermented to obtain ethanol. The company states that the bacteria used in the process was researched in-house without external input.

The project was co-developed with the University of La Coruña. Estimated production figures might seem modest: about 800 liters of ethanol per day, but it will be used to save about € 24,000 per month and will be used to power flex-fuel vehicles. Plus, any system that turns waste into fuel is worth noting, no matter how "small."

[Source: Agroinformacion]

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