New Zealand starts selling milk ethanol

Pictured is Helen Clark, New Zealand's Prime Minister, getting ready to pour e10, 10 percent ethanol gas blend with ethanol produced by Fonterra... a dairy cooperative. They made the ethanol from milk. Yes, milk.
It will be sold by Gull, which is family owned and has 30 petrol stations in New Zealand. The Fonterra plant produces 30,000 litres of ethanol a day. Helen says "Gull's new fuel provides motorists with real choice, helps New Zealand to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and takes New Zealand a step further towards achieving sustainability."

If that's not strange enough, Fonterra also makes alcohol that's used in vodka and gin. New Zealand set a target of 3.4 percent biofuel mandate by 2012. New Zealand also aims to be the world's first carbon neutral country.

This is very cool but does not help the fuels vs food debate. The rising price of milk is already blamed on ethanol. Literally selling ethanol made from milk can only fuel the... fuel vs food debate. I can wait for orange juice ethanol. Then cereal. Cars need a balanced breakfast :D

[Source: Stuff]

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