GM sending hybrid Escalade to China

In the face of rising fuel costs and environmental concerns, GM has realized that China, the world's fastest growing auto market, is in dire need of hybrid vehicles of different shapes and sizes. Hence, amidst the re-announcement of the launch of the Buick Lacrosse (which GM is touting as China's first hybrid since it is built there as opposed to the Prius which is merely assembled in China) in July, GM China's vice president for sales, Joseph Liu, let slip that the company would also introduce the hybrid version of the Cadillac Escalade (pictured above) sometime next year. No price tag was mentioned.

According to the AP story, Liu also said that GM will follow that up with an "all-electric" car as early as 2010. Although it's not exactly "all-electric" since it has a gas engine, we assumes he means the Volt (or maybe Flextreme), which GM is currently developing.

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