The April 2008 Chevy Volt update: details on just about every aspect of the production car

The Chevy Volt (in camo) in the GM wind tunnel

I'll come right out and say that writing for a blog is so dramatically different from a lot of the other kinds of writing I've done for the last 15 years that I find it hard sometimes to figure out just how writing a thousand or so newspaper articles could have prepared me for blogging. The report on where GM is at today with the Chevy Volt I'm about to file is an example of how much cooler it is to write on AutoblogGreen about the Volt than it would be to write a 600-word story for the Detroit News or whoever. Here goes.

What you'll find in the links below are posts about the various stops on the big media tour that GM took about 70 or so journalists on last week. I gave you my first impression the day of the event, but this is a chance to, in a way, take you along on the tour. I've organized the posts in chronological order, but each post is self-contained so feel free to click on what you're most interested in. Each one includes at least one audio clip (most have two) from GM representatives about their role in moving the Volt from concept to production car. They're all worth a listen if you want to know more about this vehicle. Ready? Let's go.

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