Fiat declared lowest CO2 automaker in Europe

Automotive research and analysis firm JATO does an annual assessment of vehicle carbon dioxide emissions in the European Market. For several years, Fiat and Peugeot/ Citroen have been going back and forth as the leader. For 2007, JATO's analysis based on sales put Fiat at the top of the heap among the ten biggest manufacturers that do business in Europe. Fiat's 2007 fleet averaged CO 2 emissions of only 137.3g/km while second place was a draw between Peugeot and Toyota at 141.9g/km. Peugeot and Fiat both sell far more small cars than anything else, many of them powered by diesel engines. Fiat in particular also promotes natural gas-fueled vehicles, having sold 50,000 of them in Italy in 2007. Toyota of course has their hybrids, but they also sell a lot of diesel-powered vehicles in the European market. The big three German manufacturers trailed the pack with their higher powered cars. Volkswagen (particularly through Audi), BMW and Mercedes only achieved 161.7 g/km, 176.7g/km and 188.4 g/km respectively.
[Source: Paddocktalk, thanks to Cedric for the tip]

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