UAW threatens to walk out on Chevy Malibu production

General Motors has been dealing with a lot of strikes lately. The United Auto Worker union's strike against one of its main suppliers, American Axle, has been reducing the General's inventory of trucks and SUVs for about a month now, and also threatened production of the Chevy Malibu before the automaker found more parts to keep production going. Just yesterday the UAW walked out of GM's Lansing Delta Township plant where the Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia and Saturn are built. The latter strike is over what the UAW has only referred to as "local contract issues". Whatever those are, they are important enough to come back today and threaten GM with a walk out at its Fairfax plant, one of the two facilities that builds the hot-selling Chevy Malibu. The union has set a five-day ultimatum, and says it will walk out on Malibu production next Tuesday, April 22 if an agreement isn't reached. The other plant building Malibus is in the Detroit suburb of Orion, but it only builds 2,100 Malibus per week compared to the 3,100 units per week built at the Fairfax plant. Clearly the UAW knows exactly where GM is most vulnerable, and its aiming a strike right at it.

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[Source: Automotive News, subs. req'd]

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