Exposed! Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series spied naked

From all the details and disguised spy-shots, we knew the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series would look the business. But dang! The newest Black Series model was recently spied running "look at me" laps around the Nürburgring in a blazing white paint job.

We've already had several opportunities to give you the specs on the next supercar from Mercedes-Benz, and by now you should have them committed to memory if not tattooed on your forearm. To recap the salient points, we're talking 670 hp out of AMG's twin-turbo V12, a 570-lb weight-loss program and carbon fiber everything. A few more details to add to the picture: shift times on the five-speed automatic have been reduced down to 250 milliseconds – not quite Ferrari SuperFast territory, but not bad for a torque-converter – on one of two sport-shift settings, while the active suspension that replaces the standard model's air suspension will likewise get two programs of its own. Unfortunately, word has it that the carbon-fiber racing buckets won't make it Stateside due to a lack of side airbags. Oh, and that fixed carbon fiber roof? Apparently saving weight was only part of the reason. The other was that the folding roof mechanism reportedly wouldn't fit between the Black Series' steamroller rear tires. Yeah.

UPDATE: We've since been informed that these are actually spy shots that have been Photoshopped to show what the car's bodywork might look like.

[Souce: Inside Line]

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