Chemical fire flares at Ford's Cleveland Engine #2 plant

Ford just announced that there was a small fire today at its Cleveland Engine #2 plant where the 3.0L Duratec V6 for the Fusion, Milan, Escape and Mariner are built. The fire was of the chemical variety and apparently caused by a bad reaction in a lab to which the baby blaze was contained, though the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported the incident as an "explosion". No one was hurt and the fire was small enough to be snuffed out by a fire extinguisher, but some 150 employees got the rest of the day off in case the fumes floating around were toxic. Hmm... this is one of the first days of the year it's been above 70 degrees here in Cleveland and it's a Friday. Me thinks somebody wanted a three-day weekend.
[Source: Ford]



There was a small fire due to a chemical reaction at Cleveland Engine #2. It was confined to a lab and was put out immediately with a fire extinguisher. There were no injuries and approximately 150 people were sent home as a precautionary measure due to fumes.

The appropriate chemical cleanup is in process

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