Cin King: the car of your dreams, er, nightmares exists

I was quite intrigued when I stumbled into this website. Who? Cin King? What is that? A new Chinese manufacturer? Or one of these startup companies with weird car models to make "ideas happen"?

First of all, the Cin King website mentions the Slim Jim: "The first electric car with diesel drive." Then we have the "Full Power Flagship" which shouldn't be mentioned here because it's got two turbines and a fuel consumption of about 350 liters per hour (!). And what about the Naked Wonder - not to be confused with the Aptera! This one features human cycling as its sole power. it's good for the health-conscious driver, one might say. Finally, there's the Pivo - sorry, the Circular 360, which seats four... around the steering wheel, so everybody can contribute to the fun of driving. Crazy? Yes. But the vehicles are displayed on the website that is promoting just one car model. I'll let you figure out which one it is.

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[Source: Cin King]

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