Up on Blocks: Lego replica '67 Mustang

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A fair share of us Autobloggers were ambitious Lego builders as kids, but we never cooked anything up like this. From Crowkillers, the same hands that brought us the new Camaro made from the plastic Danish bricks, comes this replica 1967 FordMustang fastback, complete with model V8 engine, shaker hood, working suspension with live rear axle, 4-speed transmission, rear spoiler and automatic opening doors. No kidding. With creations like this – and the dozen or so more he's got up on his site – we wonder if this guy didn't have too much time on his hands, but hey, we're bloggers. Who are we to judge? We'll let you judge for yourself with the images in the gallery below.

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[Source: Brickshelf via CarScoop]

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