Visiting the UK? Hitch a ride on Virgin Limobike

If the phrase "motorcycle chauffeurs" is new to you, then you haven't heard about Virgin Limobike, which has been operating since 1995. Don't worry, I didn't know of them either until I spotted a website about the service that carries visitors around London on Yamaha FJR1300 abs motorbikes that get around 50+ mpg. Whether you're headed from the airport to town or to a rugby of soccer match, Virgin Limobikes promises you'll be comfortable and get to your destination quickly. As their FAQ says, "We are expert at these events and can save you a lot of time getting in and out of overcrowded occasions. We know all the best pick up and drop off points." Supposedly, Sir Richard Branson is a repeat customer.
The green side should be obvious, here, with a motorcycle's inherent fuel economy advantage over cars or SUVs. If you're traveling alone in London and have had your fill of picturesque London cabs, a motorcycle taxi just might be the right move. The Virgin Limobike shop is located in Hammersmith, London.

[Source: Virgin Limobikes]

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