Rumormill: BMW working on twin-turbo four-cylinder?

Here's a juicy one. BMW Blog reports that it has two unnamed, independent sources who have spoken of a high-revving (how does 11,000 rpm sit with you?) new four-cylinder being developed for use in the 1-series. The power target of this fantasy mill is said to be 220 to 260 horsepower, and it would theoretically be offered in both naturally aspirated and twin-turbocharged forms.

If this rumor actually comes to pass (something that is far from guaranteed, to say the least), we're told to expect a 2010 release. Take it all with a very healthy dose of salt. That said, squeezing more power out of less engine is going to be a continuing trend as governments tighten the screws regarding fuel economy and emissions targets, so efforts from BMW in this realm wouldn't be the least bit surprising. We hope this rumor comes true, if only to be able to point to a shiny new 1-series coupe and say, "Ours goes to eleven... thousand."

[Source: BMW Blog]

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