San Francisco green garage offers EV charging

Luscious Garage is as green as a garage could be. As ABG reported back in September, this female-owned shop specializes in service for hybrids and was constructed with every possible attention to environmental details. It not only hosts the monthly meetings of the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association, it has got to be the only garage that has art exhibits and cultural events.

Recently Luscious began converting Priuses into plug-in hybrids, a service for which there is already a waiting list. Now they also offer charging for electric cars, including Toyota RAV4 EVs which use the small paddle inductive charger original built to work with the EV1. While specializing in hybrids, they'd be happy to service your car. Think of it as a way to support green automotives while waiting for that plug-in car to come to market.

[Source: Luscious Garage]

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