Luscious Garage, a hybrids-only car repair shop, opens in Bay Area

San Francisco, and the Bay Area in general, is a hot spot for hybrids. 21,000 out of the 225,000 hybrids that were sold in the US last year are registered there. So it comes natural that the first car repair shop dedicated exclusively to hybrids was opened in the area. Although hybrids have a reputation of being quite trouble-free, they require very specific skills, not only in electronics, when things do go wrong.

The shop, called Luscious Garage, is owned by Carolyn Coquillette, who before entering the motor world got degrees in physics and English from the University of Michigan.

Luscious Garage maintains the environmental cues associated to hybrids with its environmental plan. The shop avoids Volatile Organic Compounds, offers re-refined motor oil, uses local suppliers and recycles scrap metal. Not only that, but it also relies on sunlight as much as possible, as well as using no paper. Ms. Coquillette even commutes by bicycle or bus.

[Source: Wired (thanks to Steve for the tip)]

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