VIDEO: Safety 101 around a dynamometer

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We are inundated with safety reminders every time we get into our cars and turn the key. Your car reminds you to fasten your safety belt with incessant beeps and warning lights fill your dashboard when brake or airbag sensors think something is wrong. But, as the video pasted after the break proves, even standing next to your car can be dangerous under the right circumstances. Dynamometers, or dynos, can be awfully dangerous and are usually surrounded by some sort of guard rail, but not this one in Russia Serbia. While it's hard to ignore the guy in the red pants, keep your eyes on the older gentleman at the rear of the room.

While our first inclination was to laugh, the reality is that this face-plant could have been much worse. We're glad that the man in the video appears to be alright. Papa!


The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

dyno accident

[Source: DragTimes]

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