Porsche 911 update includes 100% more awesome: Direct-injection, dual-clutch gearbox

While we like to chide the Stuttgart crew for "updates" to its 911 range, this newest one actually has some serious substance underneath the tweaked sheet metal. In addition to the revised headlamp and taillight design, CAR is reporting that Porsche will upgrade both the 3.6- and 3.8-liter flat-six boxers with direct-injection. The technology, first employed by Porsche on the 2007 Cayenne, boosted horsepower and torque by around 10- to 15-percent in the SUV, and we hope that similar gains can be made with its iconic six. More impressive, although not entirely unexpected, is the rumored fitment of Porsche's first dual-clutch gearbox. The Doppel Kupplungen transmission will be available on the new 911 after it's unveiled sometime this summer, with sales expected to begin this fall. There's no word on what models will benefit from the DSG 'box initially, nor was there any info about how the new tranny would be implemented on Porsche's all-wheel-drive models.
[Source: CAR]

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