How to build your own electric Kawsaki

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Benjamin Nelson of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin thought it would awesome if he could ride to work, the grocery store, the post office and other locations nearby while using no gas at all. He used to ride an electric bike which was able to hit speeds of around 20 miles per hour, but he noticed that other drivers had problems seeing him coming. Precious few manufacturers offer anything suitable, so he decided to make his own electric motorcycle. Using plenty of good-old-fashioned ingenuity, a second-hand Briggs & Stratton ETEK motor and a few deep-cycle lead acid batteries, he now has an electric Kawasaki which can cruise at nearly 40 miles per hour and travel up to 15 miles on a charge.

Considering what he's got into it, those specifications are plenty good enough for Nelson, who uses the electric cycle as his primary transportation. He adds, "If gas is three bucks a gallon, I can go 300 miles on that same amount of electricity. 300mpg isn't too bad for a motorcycle, is it?" Not bad at all!

[Source: Hell For Leather Magazine]

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