Change your C30's character with official swappable designs

Click above to view the rest of these crazy Swedish exterior designs

Looking at the pictures above and in our gallery below, you may think that Volvo has either totally lost it or forgot that April Fools Day is on the first of the month. But we're assured this is real and even visited Volvo's official Swedish media site for verification. Beginning on April 7th, Volvo C30 owners in Sweden can completely change the character of their car by ordering one of 20 different nonpermanent films that safely adhere to the exterior of their hatches. The designs are outlandish to say the least and include everything from mock woodie panels to zebra stripes to pink camo to gay pride colors (probably an unintended association for that last one, but it works). The film, which in some cases appears to cover every exterior surface, is guaranteed not to hurt the paint, but actually protect it for up to two years when it's time to replace the film. It is an investment though at the equivalent of $3,130 USD, which is probably more than what it would cost to have the car custom painted with any of these designs. But then it couldn't be removed when you wise up and realize your car looks absolutely ridiculous.

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[Source: Volvo via CarScoop]

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