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Zagato is an ambitious carrozzeria, venturing to reinterpret Ferraris, Maseratis and most recently a Bentley Continental GT Speed with its own unique bodywork. Its latest unveiling, however, eclipses the ambition of them all. Based only on a couple of faded photographs, current director Andrea Zagato set out to recreate the 1938 coachbuilt roadster that his grandfather Ugo crafted based on the versatile 1938 Lancia Aprilia chassis. Only three or four were originally built, none of which are still around today.

The curvaceous bodywork of the Zagato Lancia Aprilia Sport is beaten by hand in the traditional methods. Power is provided by a miniscule Aprilia VR-4 motorcycle engine that produces just 48 hp at 4300 rpm, propelling the neo-classic spider to a top speed of 126 km/h – that's just 78 mph, but it's bound to feel a whole lot faster with the wind in your hair. You're not likely to experience that thrill, however, as only nine will be built at a price of €150,000 apiece. All the rest of us can do is admire the classic recreation from photos like the ones we have in the gallery below.

[Source: via Motor Authority]

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