James Bond changes his Aston Martin for a Ford Ka

I still have to decide if this is just a measure to save money or to save CO2, but James Bond's upcoming film will feature the new but humble Ford Ka instead of an Aston Martin.

According to News of the Word, the first scene of the upcoming "Quantum of Solace" will feature a car chase where James Bond will be driving a Ford Ka, which costs about 1/20th of the price of an Aston Martin. Purists need not to worry, though, because an Aston Martin will be featured later in the film. The truth is that Ford has paid about € 22.5 million to be featured in Bond's movies. "Casino Royale" featured the latest iteration of the Ford Mondeo. The new Ka is produced in a joint venture factory in Poland, where the Fiat 500 is also built. The previous version, which was based on an old Ford Fiesta platform, was built in Ford's factory in Almussafes, near Valencia, Spain.

Nevertheless, my two favorite Bond cars remain the chopped Renault 9 in "A View To A Kill," which showed the way to the Smart, and the submarine Lotus Esprit in "The Spy Who Loved Me," which must have had electric motors to run under water.

[Source: News of the World via El Mundo motor (thanks to my friend Imma for the tip)]

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