La Poste wants to buy 3000 EVs

The French postal service (La Poste) has just released a public announcement saying they intend to buy 300 EVs for postal delivery. The amount could be increased to 3000 by the end of 2012. The public announcement not only includes the purchase of the EVs but also the maintenance contracts.

La Poste already has a small fleet of GEM e2/Matra NEVs being tested in Alsace, in the East of France. The vehicles are mostly used for urban deliveries and have a range of about 50 km (30 miles). They can be loaded with up to 150 kg (about 330 pounds), which is a lot of postcards. The French postal service is also starting to get the first of its 500 Renault Kangoo Cleanova II order. The car is a series hybrid with a small 2-cylinder engine and will be used for suburban delivering. If the later turns out to be a success, La Poste plans to have 10,000 vans like these by the end of 2013.

[Source: Leblogauto]

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