Audi R8 cabrio won't get canvas roof or folding hard top

It's no secret that Audi's planned expansion of its R8 lineup will include upgraded engines (both gasoline- and diesel-powered) and a new convertible version that's likely to make an appearance next year. The crew at Car have already shown us a sketch of what a drop-top R8 could look like, complete with twin humps aft of the passenger compartment concealing the V8 beast beneath and aluminum (or composite) blades that have been halved to integrate into the beltline. But according to the Brit pub, Audi has decided that a canvas roof or a folding hard top isn't feasible due to the mid-mounted mill. Instead, a removable targa roof that can be detached and stowed (in your heated and carpeted garage?) will be fitted to the R8 to allow open air motoring with a bit of preplanning. It's a somewhat inelegant solution for a vehicle that exudes sophistication, and we think Audi would be advised to check out what its corporate kissing cousin, Lamborghini, is doing with its own convertible supercars.
[Source: Car]

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