Travis Pastrana invents and completes the hydrojump

Click above for a few more pics of the hydrojump

Motocrosser, X-Game gold-medal winner and Subaru USA rally car driver extraordinaire Travis Pastrana has once again gone and done something so crazy that we wonder how the man can still be among the living. Previously, Pastrana became the first rider ever to land a double-backflip in competition, and now he's gone and done something else unthinkable: the hydrojump. After speeding to about 70 miles per hour, Pastrana hydroplaned his Suzuki dirtbike in five-foot deep water for 110 feet, ending after launching himself and his bike off a floating FMX ramp. According to his official site, they are still searching for Pastrana's bike at the bottom of the lake, a water-filled volcanic crater in Costa Rica. Apparently, the bike was bone-stock with no modifications in order to ensure that the hydroplaning was successful. We've made a gallery of a few more pictures, and the video of the jump will be available in November on the sixth Nitro Circus DVD.

[Source: Travis Pastrana via Hell For Leather Magazine]

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