Hyundai Motor America responds to cranky South Korean journalist

A few weeks back we posted a video of a South Korean automotive journalist performing one of the first road tests of the new Hyundai Genesis sedan, albeit the South Korean market model. Without getting into too much detail, he didn't like it and complained of body roll, mushy brakes, tires not up to the task, etc. It was as if someone gave this guy a Buick when he was expecting a BMW.

Hyundai Motor America was caught off guard by this video and contacted us with their concern. According to them, the U.S.-spec version of the Genesis sedan and the South Korean version are markedly different, with the Yank-ified version tuned much more for a sporty driving experience. The South Korean market, we're told, favors a different kind of large luxury sedan, one that's softer, more luxurious, and to be blunt, more Buick-like.

So we asked Hyundai, "What's so different about the U.S.-spec version?" While they couldn't divulge all the details, we were told that the U.S. version with have a 31% higher spring rate in the front and 13% higher in the rear. In fact, they say the entire suspension will feature many different components geared more towards dynamic driving, including different springs, shocks and tires. Will it live up to Hyundai's promise of a premium sports sedan? We'll let you know after we drive the U.S.-spec Genesis, a car which this South Korean journalist might enjoy a hell of a lot more than the one he drove.

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